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scientific journal

Russian Museum of Ethnography

number 2 (8), 2015

Book review: N.М. Romanovа. Management Policy National Processes in Petrograd and Petrograd Province: 1917-1923 (on the Materials of the Petrograd Commissariat for Nationalities)

2 (8)
Russian state, national policy, the People's Commissariat for Nationalities, national schools, institutions of higher education


St. Petersburg: Information and Publishing Center of Government of Saint-Petersburg «PETROTSENTR», 2013. – 432 pp.

The review notes the relevance of aspects of the nationality policy of the Russian state. It is emphasized that tolerance in inter-ethnic relations was always essential. A special attention is given to the nationality policy of the young Soviet state and the People's Commissariat for Nationalities. For the first time in Petrograd a system of education of ethnic minorities was created: ethnic schools and institutions of higher education.


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