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scientific journal

Russian Museum of Ethnography

number 2 (8), 2015

Chinese Influence on the Traditional Culture of the Buryats

2 (8)
ethno-cultural contacts, trade-economic relations, Chinese influence, costume, ornament, rituals


The article considers the role of the Baikal region in the Russian-Chinese political and trade & economic relations in the late XVII – early XX century, and investigates Buryat ethno-cultural contacts with neighboring peoples. The author explores the Chinese influence on various spheres of life of the Buryat ethnos, reveals the role and
degree of its impact on the Buryat costume, jewelry, ornamentation, handicraft traditions, life cycle rituals, Buddhism and shamanic practice. As the main sources, the author has used the object and photographic collections of the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Kunstkamera), The State Museum of Oriental Art, the M.N. Khangalov Museum of History of Buryatia, scientific publications, as well as her own field materials.

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